Jerusalem Symbols

Mohamed Fadel 

August 15-16, 22-23, 29-30, 2010 

Participants used pencils, water colors, water pens, and special paper used for water colors to adopt a modern trend resembling the current period by using strong colors and avoiding conventional methods and colors associated with Jerusalem. Students were asked to create one work incorporating the three symbols of Jerusalem: olive trees, the wall surrounding the city, and religious ornaments.  

In the second phase,  students were asked to draw and describe Jerusalem windows due to the diversity of their shapes. We introduced some symbols inside the windows or through the background, which created beautiful harmony and symmetry.

In the third phase, students were instructed to freely draw. Each student has his/her own idea and used his/her own creativity.

The works which the students created were wonderful for persons of their age. I noticed that they considerably developed in terms of their passion for drawing. Each student produced more than one work and all the works expressed modern ideas as if they were produced by great artists.

Mohamad Fadel was born in 1977 in Kafr Yasif village in the Galilee and moved to Haifa in 1982. He is self taught and continues to live and work in Haifa. His paintings have been exhibited locally and internationally, and he has participated in solo and group exhibitions. More information can be found on his website.