The Children of the Sun

Deneth Wedarachchige

The Children of the Sun is an 8 day workshop hosted by Sri Lankan visual artist Deneth Wedaarachchige for youth between 12-17 years old at the African Community Center in Jerusalem. The program helps youth express themselves, expand their imagination, and go beyond the two dimensions of a drawing book to create three-dimensional art installation pieces through which they can express themselves. The process of creating art pieces is playful and focuses on positive aspects, as well as developing critical thinking and how to associate imagination with objects through collaboration. 

Participants: Abdalla Balallawi, Gibreen Balallawi, Mohammed Balallawi, Ali Balallawi, Masar Nokad, Fayek Habash, Mohammad Shaheen, Shaden Qous, Ibrahim Qadi, Ashraf Shaheen, and Mohammad Qous.