The Education Program was developed in 1998, focusing primarily on youth from Jerusalem, by providing them with opportunities to engage in creative acitivites which are otherwise neglected in the school systems. 

Specifically, by developing participants' aesthetic awareness and appreciation of their surroundings, the youth workshops seek to enable participants to express themselves more effectively and to challenge issues, whether social, political, or environmental,  that affect them, their peers and their wider community. Through creative, stimulating and challenging workshops, participants learn new modes of expression. 

Organised in partnership with community centers, youth clubs and educational institutions, the workshops are led by artists both from the local community and visitng artists from all over the world who participate in the Artist-in-Residence program. As such, the program is part of an ongoing effort to connect and collaborate with different institutions and individuals at local, regional and international levels.


Wisam Farraj

"Being" was the title of the photography workshop conducted by photographer Wisam Farraj and Khadijeh Kanambo as assistant from 2004-2005, inviting youths from Jerusalem and the vicinity ages 14-17 to participate and experience for themselves the expansive benefits and power of the medium to change lives, to identify truths, to focus on inner and exterior worlds, in order to finally reveal stories from the everyday reality of participating youth as expressed through the lens.

This was the first time the trainees had participated in a photography workshop, and besides being provided with the basic b/w photographic skills, youths participating were asked to focus on a particular subject matter of relevance to who they are and where they are from, learning how to utilize the camera to mirror their eye’s observations as well as inner reflections. A wide variety of subject matters were approached that include poverty, violence within society, family issues, and restrictions of movement appropriated on Palestinians.

Wisam Farraj is a photographer born in the village of Rama in Palestine. He graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design with a major in Photography and Video in 2005.