The Public Outreach Program aims to promote Palestinian contemporary culture and life through creative encounters that target primarily the younger generation of artists and performers. It is a platform to showcase young talent in music, art, literature and cinema, as well as presenting a rich program of talks and performances about the city and its history, interpolated by an assortment of culinary activities involving local chefs and non-professional members of the community. Artists, writers, historians, musicians and performers are invited to give public performances including talks, discussions, readings, shows and film screenings with the aim to bring together community members and creative individuals in a shared space for experimentation, entertainment and free expression.

The Rhetoric from Within

Majd Abdul Hamid

Throughout the modern Palestinian history there has been an urgency to create symbols of "resistance" and "existence" as a reaction to the abrupt rupture that took place in 1948. Art and literature played an integral part in constructing the modern identity of a stateless collective and the imagery of the revolution. Sixty-six years later, these symbols continue to shape the collective narrative. “The Rhetoric from Within” showcases an art practice that engages with the constructed symbols of modern Palestine: the Dome of the Rock, the key of return, and the declaration of independence. Touching upon the fetishist aesthetic of the lost object condensed in a metallic old key and transforming the key to a lollipop, the recreation of models of the Dome of the Rock by Palestinian prisoners to kill time juxtaposed with a dependency on drugs, namely Tramal*, and accompanied by hourglasses made from bits of crushed cement from the Wall - a dysfunctional hourglass where time often stops, this solo exhibition is an attempt to deconstruct visually and conceptually the paradoxical identity that lays the ground for a state-to-be and the its national discourse.


Majd Abdul Hamid was born in Damascus before moving to Amman and eventually settling in Ramallah - he currently splits his time between Ramallah and Beirut. Abdul Hamid received his B.A. in Fine Arts from Malmo Art Academy, and also studied at the International Art Academy Palestine. He has been a finalist in the 2008, 2010, and 2012 Young Artists Awards, and has participated in numerous group shows.