The Public Outreach Program aims to promote Palestinian contemporary culture and life through creative encounters that target primarily the younger generation of artists and performers. It is a platform to showcase young talent in music, art, literature and cinema, as well as presenting a rich program of talks and performances about the city and its history, interpolated by an assortment of culinary activities involving local chefs and non-professional members of the community. Artists, writers, historians, musicians and performers are invited to give public performances including talks, discussions, readings, shows and film screenings with the aim to bring together community members and creative individuals in a shared space for experimentation, entertainment and free expression.

O'shb Akhdar Akhdar (Green Green Grass)

Manar Zuaibi

Less than ten minutes from the Damascus Gate in a narrow residential alley is the site-specific installation by Manar Zuaibi called O’shb Akhdar Akhdar (Green Green Grass) (2008). Zuaibi’s work is comprised of hundreds of pliable wires that were needled down the centre of long strings of red wool and then inserted into the holes between stones in the walls.  All along the alley, they make their way out of the holes, spontaneously bursting forth.  Zuaibi conducted a workshop where youngsters from the Palestinian Counseling Center (Al-Irshad) participated in the production and installation of the project.  The youth responded quite positively – prior to their participation in the workshop, they had no idea about the benefits or difficulties involved in art making.  They participated in the whole process, from making the red threads to working on their composition in the walls, offering them a sense of fulfilment through a collaborative and sometimes meditative process.  So just as Zuaibi envisions growth and flowering out of an apparently barren place, so did the children find creativity within themselves.

Manar Zuaibi was born in Nazareth in 1964, where she continues to work and reside. Group exhibitions include: The Jerusalem Show, Al Ma’mal Foundation (2008); Sammlung Essl-Kunsthaus, Klosterneuburg, Austria; The Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Petach Tikva, Israel; Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen, The Netherlands; Museum of Art Zilina, Zilina, Slovakia; Kunsthallen Brænderigården, Viborg, Denmark.