The Public Outreach Program aims to promote Palestinian contemporary culture and life through creative encounters that target primarily the younger generation of artists and performers. It is a platform to showcase young talent in music, art, literature and cinema, as well as presenting a rich program of talks and performances about the city and its history, interpolated by an assortment of culinary activities involving local chefs and non-professional members of the community. Artists, writers, historians, musicians and performers are invited to give public performances including talks, discussions, readings, shows and film screenings with the aim to bring together community members and creative individuals in a shared space for experimentation, entertainment and free expression.


Naqsh Design House

This year’s collection of luxurious and timeless furniture, home accessories and artwork we have introduced the language of embroidery, where every group of stitches combined together is referred to as a ‹unit›. From there comes our inspiration. Stemming from our strong belief in the spirit of unity we created this line ‹wihdeh› not only to shed light on the beauty of unification, but also to bring together the delights of our culture.

Two prominent elements are present in this line; embroidery (tatreez) to give the cultural feel, and our personal Naqsh stroke to add an extra designer-personalized dimension. Those two elements are presented through engraved corian surfaces enhanced with brass fillings, to create minimal yet functional structures with sculptural feels. The use of those two materials allows the presence of cultural elements in non-traditional patterns and presentations. Nisreen and Nermeen Abu-Dail, with their special designed pieces for the event, all produced and finished with local labor and craftsmanship from Amman.­­

"At Naqsh we are inspired by both contemporary and traditional Arabic aesthetics, combined together with a high quality of local neat craftsmanship." 


Through creative traditional designs, fine machine productions, and delicate hand finishing, Naqsh Design House was founded in 2010 in Amman-Jordan, by the vision of the two sisters Nisreen and Nermeen AbuDail, where it started to exhibit unique pieces of furniture, home accessories and more. Reflecting the oriental feel and integrating the beauty of our rich culture: art, architecture and calligraphy in a very minimal modern look where it can fit perfectly in our life today, so we can enjoy it again through its shapes, meanings and compositions.

Naqsh design house supports the women community in the Palestinian refugee camps in Amman, by creating opportunities through (Thawrat Turath collection) which was presented in Dubai Design Days 2014 & 2015.