The Artist-in-Residence Program provides local and visiting artists, curators, and researchers with accomodation and studio facilities at the Tile Factory, providing a unique space for the creation, development and exchange of creative ideas and projects. The program serves most of all as a meeting place for artists: facilitating creative encounters, discussions and the exchange of experiences, and then opening these up to the public, acting as a conduit to the outside world.

In a sense, the residency acts as an incubator for the creation and exchange of ideas, experiences and representations. In the course of residency, our public - both within the region and further afield - are encouraged to engage with activities planned to help create awareness of one's own cultural difference and uniqueness. Each artist is given the opportunity to propose and focus on a particular project while in residence, which may be influenced or inspired by the reality of daily life in the city, the country and the region. Opportunities to work with local artists and the local community during the residencies will be plentiful and strongly encouraged.  

Applications are currently closed.

Ayreen Anastas

Pasolini Pa* Palestine was filmed during Ayreen's residency. She conducted research about Pasolini, an Italian director, and his visit to Palestine in 1962 when he was filming "Seeking Locations in Palestine for the Gospel According to St. Matthew." The film turned Pasolini's script into a roadmap superimposed on Palestine's current landscape, creating contraditions between the visual and the audible, the expected and the real. She returned to Al Ma'mal in 2006 to screen the film. 

Ayreen Anastas was born in Bethlehem, Palestine in 1968 and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Anastas moved to Germany in 1989 for a DAAD scholarship. She lived in Berlin until 1996 where she studied architecture at the Berlin Technical University. In 1999 she moved to New York where she has since lived and taught at the School of Architecture, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn.

Solo projects by Anastas include Pasolini Pa* Palestine (2004) which was filmed during a residency at the Al-Ma’mal Foundation, Jerusalem and shown at Hebbel Theatre, Berlin (2006) and Homeworks III, Beirut (2005), and m* of Bethlehem (2003) which was screened at the Argos Festival, Brussels (2005) and CCA Glasgow, (2005).

She uses text, film, video, audio and the Internet to create work that focuses on legal and discursive shifts around differing notions of security and the subsequent effects on everyday life. Her art practice engages with issues of public and political space, language, and the question of Palestine.