The Artist-in-Residence Program provides local and visiting artists, curators, and researchers with accomodation and studio facilities at the Tile Factory, providing a unique space for the creation, development and exchange of creative ideas and projects. The program serves most of all as a meeting place for artists: facilitating creative encounters, discussions and the exchange of experiences, and then opening these up to the public, acting as a conduit to the outside world.

In a sense, the residency acts as an incubator for the creation and exchange of ideas, experiences and representations. In the course of residency, our public - both within the region and further afield - are encouraged to engage with activities planned to help create awareness of one's own cultural difference and uniqueness. Each artist is given the opportunity to propose and focus on a particular project while in residence, which may be influenced or inspired by the reality of daily life in the city, the country and the region. Opportunities to work with local artists and the local community during the residencies will be plentiful and strongly encouraged.  

Applications are currently closed.

Rigo 23

"My output as an artist has varied a lot from project to project, from situation to situation, from context to context, from time to time. Having first started by drawing illustrated texts - comic books and zines - in the 1980's my current projects tend to involve extended collaborations with others. A team is formed over time with different people contributing different components towards a common goal: a sculpture; a video production; a mural; a series of talks... for the Jerusalem Biennial i will be looking to paint a mural on one of it's many disputed walls." - Rigo 23


Rigo 23, is a Portuguese artist born on Madeira Island in the Atlantic. His generation experienced the end of the Portuguese colonial period and the brief utopia-searching-period that followed as young children. Since becoming a young adult he has been shuttling between his native home, the United States and the rest of the world in an attempt to understand the inner workings of the current neo-colonial and imperial project of the USA. He has also spent considerable time working with individuals and groups whose perspectives are the most divergent from this war propelled project for full spectrum dominance. After his formal education at the San Francisco Art Institute and Stanford University, in California, he has embarked in an informal and mostly oral education throughout the world wherever and whenever willing teachers appear.