Chapter 2

Site-specific Projects

Arab Catholic Scouts, Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family, Gallery Anadiel, Hammam Sitna Mariam, Nicola Zaphiriades’ Shop, Patriarch’s Pool Saint Francis Store, and Swedish Christian Study Centre.

A ‘detail’ indicates a type of journey which starts towards what that detail activates in one’s memory. A detail always has the potential to be ‘the’ evidence that gives further information about a state of a conflict, confrontation, struggle, calculation, adaptation, exclusion, occupation, acceptance, and resistance. Therefore, the primary point of convergence, which generates the entire conceptual framework of this chapter, is processing details in a flux of time segments.
As such, artists have produced and/or re-shaped their existing projects in sync with detail-based research and findings on mixed, discontinuous and dislocated structures, events, stories, and memories on Jerusalem and overlapping cases from different geographies. This chapter presents projects by Gülsün Karamustafa, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Jesper Just, Jonathan Loppin, Noor Abuarafeh, Paul Devens, Rula Halawani, and Zehra Şonya.