Chapter 7


Swedish Christian Study Centre

This chapter is dedicated to the presentation of ‘artist books’ by Hani Amra (Palestine), Banu Cennetoğlu (Turkey), Cevdet Erek (Turkey), Maxime Hourani (Lebanon), Ciprian Homorodean (Romania), Jill Magid (USA), Tom Nicholson (Australia), Raqs Media Collective (India), Uriel Orlow (Switzerland/UK), Anita Di Bianco (USA) and Daniel Knorr (Romania/USA) and a ‘Children’s Activity Book’, specially designed for the Jerusalem Show in collaboration with the Kamel Lazaar Foundation. The book is free of charge and downloadable from

Artist Books

Amra, Hani. 2014. Works Ahead. Designed by Hani Amra and Basak Senova. Published by Al Ma’mal Foundation.

Cennetoglu, Banu. 2009. CATALOG. Pavilion of Turkey, 53rd Venice Biennale.

Cevdet Erek, 2008. SSS - Shore Scene Sountrack - Theme and Variations for Carpet. Published by BAS as a part of Bent series.

Di Bianco, Anita. 2001-2014. Corrections and Clarifications. (15 editions: various publishers, various formats, various lengths, and various languages).

Homorodean, Ciprian. 2010. Survival Strategies. Take the Book, Take the Money, Run!

Hourani, Maxime. 2013. Book of Songs and Places. Edited by Basak Senova. Designed by Maxime Hourani. Published by IKSV for the 13th Istanbul Biennial. ISBN: 978-605-5275-13-6.

Knorr, Daniel. 2013. Sanatçi kitabi, BAS, Istanbul.

Magid, Jill. 2012. Failed States. Designed by Emily Lessard. Published by Publication Studio. ISBN: 9781935662044.

Nicholson, Tom. 2014. Comparative Monument (Ma’man Allah): A Guide Book to a Collection of 69 Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Seeds in the Khalidi Library, Jerusalem. Surpllus. ISBN 978-1-922099-11-2.

Orlow, Uriel. 2014. Unmade Film. Edited by Andrea Thal and Uriel Orlow with contributions by Erik Bullot, Yoa’d Ghanadry, Avery Gordon, Esmail Nashif, Ilan Pappé, Hanan Toukan, Andrea Thal and Uriel Orlow. Designed by Georg Rutishauser and Sonja Zagermann; Edition fink, Zurich. (English/Arabic/German/French) ISBN 978-3-03746-178-5.

Raqs Media Collective. 2012. The Great Bare Mat and Installation. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. ISBN 978-0-914660-316.

The Jerusalem Show VII: FRACTURES Children's Activity Book

The Jerusalem Show VII: FRACTURES Children's Activity Book, illustrated and designed by Erhan Muratoglu and supported by Kamel Lazaar Foundation, 2014.