The Jerusalem Show is a major cultural event organised and hosted primarily in the Old City of Jerusalem. Encompassing art exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks, film screenings and guided tours, the Show takes the entire Old City both as a contextual starting point and as a venue to engage with, producing works and events that reflect on the importance of Jerusalem as an artistic, cultural, political, and social urban space. 

Up to 30 local and international artists are invited to present their projects as part of the program. The Show's various manifestations are open to the public both during the day and in the evening for a period of two weeks. While the Old City can generally seem lifeless and empty in the evening hours, the Show's events illuminate the Old City. First launched in 2007, we have implemented seven Shows thus far. Since the establishment of Qalandiya International, a biennial celebration of Palestinian art and culture, the Jerusalem Show has become a principal partner alongside institutions across Jerusalem, the West Bank, historic Palestine, Gaza Strip and the Diaspora.